About Us

Columbus House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been providing solutions to homelessness since 1982. Throughout the years, Columbus House has expanded its mission and programs to include not only emergency shelter but a continuum of housing and services designed to help people who are homeless move toward independence. The agency's primary goal is to provide housing either through our own programs or through referrals throughout Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven, and New London counties to service-enriched or independent housing.


Columbus House values the uniqueness of each person that we serve. We adhere to a “Person Centered Philosophy” ensuring all programs and services offered reflect that uniqueness. Columbus House follows a “Housing First” model in an effort to get people into a home as quickly as possible – many times bypassing the shelter system altogether. Our services support best practices of “Harm Reduction” and “Trauma Informed and Gender Specific Care” so that each person receives services specifically tailored to their personal goals and aspirations.