Breaking News: Connecticut has ended chronic Veteran homelessness!

Yesterday, Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced that the State of Connecticut has been designated by the federal government as being the first state in the nation to have ended chronic homelessness among Veterans. This is indeed noteworthy and gives cause for great celebration!

Chronically homeless Veterans are those that have been homeless for 12 consecutive months or more or have experienced 4 episodes of homelessness in 3 years. Because of their chronic status, they are eligible for permanent supportive housing, which is housing that comes with case management services attached to help people maintain their housing and enhance their quality of life. Through efforts of non-profits across Connecticut, supported by state and federal funding, nearly 300 Veterans previously experiencing chronic homelessness have been permanently housed. This is great news as we continue toward the goal of ending homelessness for all Veterans by the end of 2015.

Columbus House is proud to be a part of this work across the state. We serve Veterans in our shelters, our transitional housing programs and in our permanent supportive housing sites and we have a robust SSVF program (Support Services for Veteran Families) that provides case management, employment and income specialists and housing support to over 300 Veterans annually. Our efforts, in partnership with other agencies in CT, are providing solutions to this crisis of homelessness.

Our work continues and with your help, we can continue to address and end homelessness for all people in Connecticut.

Click to read the Governor's press release

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